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Hi all,

There was 2999 project… going and getting involved and developed through this year and it still going on now too.
Lucky me, I am taking part of it.
The musics are so intense , arts are no need with words.

"INTERSTELLAR BLACKSPOT" is one that I'm involved with.

Music: Acre

Illustration: HappyMorningStar / me / Tsolmonbayar


The year is 2999, tremendous advances in technology have allowed mankind to travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, it is hailed as mankind's true era of exploration.
However; the Milky Way lies in ruins after a 300 year war which saw earth nuked until nothing was left but molten rock and massively intolerable levels of radiation, the whole galaxy is plagued with dimensional wormholes and strange magnetic fields which make it an interstellar blackspot, or the bermuda triangle of the universe.
Elsewhere humanity inhabits many other planets filled with alien life where culture and music continues to thrive, interstellar raves are held every weekend at incredibly beautiful places, sometimes on planets or sometimes in space with zero gravity.

See Image…

Listen Music…

:D 8K pageviews, soon it 'll 10K and more


Recently , I am too busy. This May will be full of updates :D & more pageviews LOL
Hi guys,

Here is a announcement for SICAF International Digital Cartoon Competition . Everyone can participate there own creative works.
I think I can post it here too.

Competition overview -…

Event site -…

Registration Date Feb. 28(Mon) - April. 22(Fri), 2011